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Experience Change with Gatton Psychology

Clinical Psychologist based in Reigate, Surrey

We can all have times in our lives when we feel unsure how to move forward. Maybe you have noticed patterns of behaviour which were once useful are now unhelpful or making you feel stuck? Or you don't know where to begin in making changes in your life?

In sessions with me the first step will involve getting a better understanding of your difficulties, and then finding new and more helpful ways of managing them to be able to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. My approach is non-judgmental and collaborative and I am passionate about helping you to reach your goals in therapy and beyond.

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My approach

I work with you to develop a shared understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing. The approach I take varies depending on the person, and there is no ‘one size fits all’. I am happy to discuss your difficulties and how I may be able to help. Get in touch by email or phone today.

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Please note that am not able to provide crisis or emergency support. If you require urgent care please contact your GP, local emergency service or crisis line.


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